We provide a personal touch.

Design my Headstone

Designing a headstone is a very personal experience and the support, care and attention we offer to our clients is something we are proud of.

Explore Your Options

We know how to make it perfect.

By exploring the following considerations, allows our experienced team to paint a picture and obtain a true understanding of exactly what you want. Once acheived, we will also be able to offer you an accurate quote for your consideration.


Shape – books, angels, traditional or unique options.

Colour – Granite comes in many variations.


Cemetery – differing size restrictions.

Grave No. – different plots have varying rulings.


We can advise of personal options that a brochure will simply not suggest. For example, there may be motif’s, hobbies or photographs that you would like to be decorated into the Headstone. All this is possible.


We are lucky to be working with the best importers of quality granite and stone who are very talented monumental masons.

If you have a clear idea of exactly what you want, then our skilled masons can make it!

Our Standard Ogee

This is our BEST Seller!

This Ogee Headstone is our standard memorial and is also our best seller. The main reason for its popularity is due to the fact it can be made into any size, thus supporting the compliance with any cemetery sizing regulation throughout the UK.

However, this is just the starting point, the design options are endless!

Additional Costs

We’ll also discuss the following areas

Lettering – We are time served experts in guilded, cut, painted and leaded letters.

Cemetery Fees – Every cemetery and churchyard will have their own unique fee.

Delivery Fees - £1 per mile charged each way, to locations 20 miles outside of workshop.

Insurance – regarded as an ‘all risks’ policy and is used by clients who seek protection.


We deliver a Personal Touch, while ensuring all stone work is carried out by our time served masons.

Go Bespoke

FREE of Charge + No Obligation

We would rather sit down with you (minimum 30 mins – FREE of charge and no obligation) and spend the time helping you understand the many options available to you.

This free consultation gives us an understanding of exactly what you want. At which point we will be able to offer you an accurate quote.

Too Much Choice

We’re here to guide you through.

When searching headstones for a loved one, it would be pointless for us to hand you a brochure that has literally thousands to choose from and say “thank you, call us when you’ve chosen one”.

We provide the family who needs a memorial stone with the best help, care, attention and our valued time. We don’t feel we are helping you if we simply hand you a brochure to work it all out for yourselves, we provide the personal touch.