Headstone Insurance

Our Headstone Insurance policy is regarded as an ‘all risks’ policy and is used by our clients who seek extra protection against unfortunate events.

This gravestone was damaged as a result of disgraceful vandalism.

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Insure my Headstone

What’s actually protected?

In short, our Headstone Insurance will cover the cost of repair if things like damage from lawnmowers, falling trees and subsidence occur; or preventative measures taken by local councils when they judge a memorial stone to be unsafe and you are responsible for putting things right.

With Headstone Insurance, you’ll get the reassurance that your memorial is covered against:

  • Accidental damage
  • Malicious damage (vandalism)
  • Storm
  • Theft or attempted theft
  • Impact (e.g. by a lawnmower)
  • Flood and frost
  • Falling trees
  • Subsidence
  • Staining other than by natural weathering caused by tree sap, bird or animal droppings, or flowers
  • Council action

It also covers you against damage to or re-fixing and realignment of the memorial stone directly arising from faulty or defective workmanship by any stonemason whose business has ceased trading.

I require Headstone Insurance

For more information regarding seeting up your Headstone Insurance please contact the team direct.

Memorial Stone Policy+

Additional to ‘All Risks’ Insurance.

With our Memorial Stone Policy, legal responsibility to pay damages up to £2,000,000 arising from ownership of the memorial, which results in accidental injury of any person, or damage to property.

Gain access to a dedicated customer care helpline.

Contact Albert Jones Memorials to insure your headstone against all unfortunate eventualities.