Add a Kerb Set to my Headstone

Small and large kerb sets are now allowed in certain Cemeteries, meaning they can be added to existing headstones in qualifying locations. As a result, Kerb Sets have become a very real consideration when ordering a new headstone.

The Kerb Set illustrated in this before and after slider is one of our Oldbury Kerb Sets which boasts an additional top slab for added protection and lettering.

What is a Kerb Set?

Is it good to have one?

Kerb sets are an extremely traditional form of memorial which have been used for centuries, and essentially consist of kerbs which run around the entire perimeter of a grave.

Made from strong, hardwearing materials such as marble and granite, they are built to last and, in many cases, have stood proudly for centuries.

A traditional kerb set is an effective way to enclose a grave space or cremation plot.  Our traditional kerb sets have been expertly designed to create a wonderful border that can be customised to meet your exact requirements.

Perfect for creating a distinctive memorial for a loved one, our beautiful kerb sets are available in a wide range of matching materials, designs and colours, allowing you to complement and enhance your chosen memorial stone.

At Albert Jones Memorials we have lots of Kerb Sets to choose from.

Does your Cemetery Qualify?

Will they accept a Kerb Set?

To find out if your chosen cemetery and plot will allow the use of a Kerb Set addition (small or large), contact Albert Jones Memorials today.

Our wide ranging cemetery experience and working knowledge, that spans the entire region, allows us to swiftly advise whether your cemetery will accept a kerb set for an existing or new Headstone.

Types of Kerb Sets

We break down the options

All kerb sets, large or small, are no less finely crafted than our traditional full-size headstones. We use the same high-quality stonework and premium materials on all our memorials.

Large Kerb Sets

Our traditional large kerb sets have been expertly designed to create a wonderful border that can be fully customised to meet your exact requirements.

Small Kerb Sets

Smaller size is no boundary to individuality and unique design. Many of our small memorials have ample space for a detailed inscription providing a fitting tribute to your loved one.

Capped Kerb Sets

Offering a larger platform for detailed lettering and a perfect way to reduce regular maintenance by ensuring weeds and dirt do not gather between the kerb surrounds.

Clean my Kerb Set

We have a dedicated cleaning service

Kerb Set Maintenance

Keep your Kerb Set looking pristine.

Just as Headstones require routine maintenance and tender loving care to keep them looking in tip top condition, the kerb set is no different and requires the same amount of attention.

However, it is important to note, that the addition of a cover slab to a kerb set is the perfect way to reduce the maintenance required. Weeds, dirt and leaves can often gather between the kerb surrounds, but a cover slab avoids this, making it a virtually maintenance free option to consider.

Clean my Kerb Set

We have a dedicated cleaning service

Add a Kerb Set to my Headstone

Our Albert Jones Memorial Kerb Sets are available in a vast range of stones, designs and colours.

This means that you can choose a kerb set that will complement and enhance your existing memorial stone.