New Headstone for Mill Lane Cemetery

Albert Jones Memorials has been recognised throughout the community as a leading monumental mason since 1930 who design, fix and clean new headstones for Mill Lane Cemetery on a regular basis.

A Comprehensive Service

We can support all of your Memorial needs

Our dedicated Memorial Team is only too happy to help and support you in finding, designing, fixing or cleaning your headstone.


Designing a headstone is a very personal experience and the support, care and attention we offer to our clients is something we are proud of. If you have a clear idea of exactly what you want, then our skilled masons can make it!


We are proud to offer an ongoing cleaning and renovation process of memorial stones by our expert stone masons. The techniques will differ according to the material and the age of the stone, but the results can be stunning.


Small and large kerb sets are now allowed in certain Cemeteries, meaning they can be added to existing headstones in qualifying locations. As a result, they've become a real consideration when ordering a new headstone.


Our time served Monumental Masons are skilled in the art of engraving and lettering on all types of stone. If you’re looking to add a personal message to your headstone or kerb set, we ensure it is perfectly placed and expertly crafted, delivering a beautiful presentation with maximum longevity.


Since 2002, it is now compulsory to ensure the stability of the headstone over time by fixing the memorials onto what’s known as a ground anchor system onto all new Headstones. As expert stone masons, we can also refix old headstones that have become loose or deemed unsafe, back to the approved standard.


Our Headstone Insurance policy is regarded as an ‘All Risks’ policy and is used by our clients who seek extra protection against unfortunate events. In short, our Headstone Insurance will cover the cost of repair if things like damage from lawnmowers, falling trees and subsidence occur.

Choosing the Correct Headstone

Choice can sometimes be overwhelming.

When you are choosing a new headstone for Mill Lane Cemetery, you may feel that you want to remember them with a traditional headstone design, or one that reflects their personality; we are delighted to offer a wide range of new headstones suitable for the occasion.






Mill Lane Cemetery

We deliver a Personal Touch, while ensuring all stone work is carried out by our time served masons.

We design, fix and install new headstones fro Mill Lane Cemetery on a regular basis.