Cleaning & Renovation

Albert Jones Memorials are proud to offer an ongoing cleaning and renovation process. Our workshop staff have many years experience cleaning and renovating memorial stones. The techniques will differ according to the material and the age of the stone but the results can be stunning.

Before and After

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Marble, as is the stone shown here, is porous. Unfortunately, it takes on all the elements like acid rain, rust from holly wreaths, flowers etc.

All these elements can penetrate deep into the marble and not just its visible surface markings. Therefore its important that when you are looking to clean your headstone, the correct method is applied.

These before and after pictures perfectly illustrate how we can transform an old, weathered marble, that has gone discoloured over the years, to ‘like new’ again, making our clients very happy, which makes us happy.


Making memorials shine.

Our experience of combining acid solution and polishing we can achieve what you see on the pictures unless the marble is too far gone and is losing letters.

With some very old memorials however, where the lettering is not cut very deeply or the weathering is severe, a ‘re-facing’ of the stone and re-lettering would be the perfect solution and ensure the memorial returns to looking like new.


More than just a polish.

Should a full scale renovation be required, we ensure memorials are then re-fixed to the current NAMM regulations which involves new stainless steel dowels and ground anchors where relevant. Sometimes foundations will also have to be replaced.

For further information on anchoring, please read refix my headstone.

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