Refix My Headstone

Since 2002, it is now compulsory to ensure the stability of the headstone over time by fixing the memorials onto what’s known as a ground anchor system.

Memorial Safety

How is it checked?

It is now standard practice for cemeteries to check the stability of headstones (higher than 650mm above ground level) by using manual horizontal force, any movement is then recorded.

If the headstones are seen to be not stable, they would mark (non-damaging tape) or even remove the memorial, then contact the relevant party (details kept on file) to action securing the headstone.

What is a Ground Anchor System?

This is quite simply a long stainless steel rod that secures the base of the headstone, through the foundation reaching the *approved depth under the monument.

Fix my Headstone

Ask the experts

As time served expert stonemasons, we have the ability to re-fix damaged or unstable headstones and fix it via the approved ground anchoring system.

Our ground anchor system is applied to all new headstones purchased from Albert Jones Memorials, to ensure the gravestone is secure for many years to come.

RQMF Approved

Registered for your safety

The NAMM Accreditation procedure conforms to BS8415-2018 and the test media conforms to BS 5930-2015 categorisation as being “Loose; Fairly easy to excavate with a spade”.

As RQMF registered stone masons, it is our responsibility to initially assess the ground conditions prior to installing a NAMM Accredited ground anchor.

Remove my Headstone

Is it needing to be moved?

Should a memorial be removed from a cemetery it must be anchored to minimum standards on re fixing, even if an anchor wasn’t originally fitted to the headstone.

Refix my Headstone

Is it becoming loose?

Albert Jones Memorials can refix an old headstone that has become loose, or deemed unsafe, to the approved standard.

FYI: All new headstones are fitted with our accredited anchoring system as standard.

Fix my Headstone

If you have a headstone that needs refixing, then please do not hesitate to contact us direct.